casa due marie (4)


Casa Due Marie

A place for your soul

Tel. +39 375 50 63 421


P.IVA: 03993850365

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casa due marie (4)

Affittacamere a Marano sul Panaro

Casa Due Marie - A place for your soul

Vieni, vivi, ama.

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+39 375 50 63 421



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  The Jolanda room is an ode to the past and present, with a touch of industrial elegance, located on the first floor.


   It offers a cosy atmosphere with the former owner Jolanda's antique bed in coloured wood and a matching wardrobe in the same warm tone. The rest of the furnishings embrace an industrial style, with touches of black lending a modern elegance.


  The two large windows adorned with period curtains bring natural light into the room. A large black and gold clock dominates one wall, adding a touch of glamour. For a moment of relaxation, two comfortable green armchairs invite you to sit down, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or a leisurely read.


   A pair of brass lamps on the bedside tables completes the atmosphere, giving the room a warm and cosy glow.


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  The Anna room, located on the first floor, features two large windows and exposed beams that add rustic charm.


  A majestic dark wardrobe, originally located in this room and carefully restored, dominates the space, while the white iron bed and ochre sofa add a touch of elegance.


 Numerous original paintings enrich the atmosphere, giving the room a serious and distinctive character. Anna evokes a cosy and authentic atmosphere. The warm lighting and careful details complete the harmony of this room, making it the perfect retreat to relax and rejuvenate.


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 The Maria room, located on the second floor in the spacious attic, offers an extremely romantic ambience with its sloping ceiling and antique beams.


 The white iron bed, surrounded by an all-white atmosphere, is the focal point of the room, while an antique dark wooden dresser adds a touch of elegance.


  A relaxation corner with two antique armchairs and a desk welcomes guests, while an illuminated alcove with books and two modern brass lamps on the bedside tables completes the decor.


  With original paintings adorning the walls, the Maria room exudes a cosy and romantic atmosphere, enveloping guests in a charming warmth as soon as they cross the threshold.


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  The Clem room, located on the second floor in the spacious attic, welcomes its guests with a young and fresh atmosphere.


 Characterised by two typical attic windows and enriched by exposed beams and a sloping ceiling, it is furnished with a white iron bed and white details enriched with touches of blue.  


 The paintings and the rest of the furnishings are dedicated to the sea, a tribute to the hostess' love for this fascinating place.


 With its atmosphere inspired by the sea, the Clem room invites guests to immerse themselves in a feeling of tranquillity and serenity

Scented linen and cotton sheets


High-quality mattresses, toppers, pillows and extra blankets


Complimentary minibar with various drinks


White, fluffy and fragrant towels


Personal coffee machine





Windowed bathrooms


Exclusive bathroom products


Air conditioning


Echo Pop Alexa


Smart TV with satellite




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